About Us

Central Georgia Autism, LTD. is a non-profit organization  that was founded in 2006  to provide support for people with autism and their families. 

A small group of parents and providers met around a dining room table to discuss what they could do to fill a gap that they were beginning to recognize.  Parents of newly diagnosed little ones were looking for much needed resources and community as they began a parenting journey that was feeling like a departure from the one they had anticipated and prepared for. Providers were looking for more knowledge and other ways to contribute to quality of life that went beyond the bounds of the therapy room.  They envisioned a support group and information resource that would benefit other families on a similar journey.  They began holding parent information meetings with childcare provided while speakers were brought in to provide information and education.  A scholarship program was soon established to assist in providing financial support to cover out of pocket expenses related to supporting the needs of children on the spectrum.  

Today the organization also offers multiple community events throughout the year for children, family, and adults.  As the world’s understanding of neurodiversity has grown, Central Georgia Autism has remained committed to our primary mission of providing spaces of acceptance, celebration, and safety for the neurodiverse and their families.  As we look to the future, we are exploring how we can more fully benefit adults on the spectrum and expand existing programs to increase our reach and impact.  For a full list of events and programs, visit our “Support Us” page and see how you can help champion this community!