Enrollment begins January 1, 2020



  1. Fill out online.

  2. Must have documented Autism Dx

  3. Must have need specified: equipment, treatment medical/ therapy, school, camp, etc.

  4. The need must be verified by a professional (MD, Therapist, Psychologist, Teacher)

  5. Receipt is required for reimbursement and equipment must be purchased and then reimbursed. Therapy/Medical treatment/Camp can be paid to the provider.

  6. Requests for money without a need that meets the requirements are not accepted.

  7. 4 volunteer hours per request must be met before the scholarship is awarded..

  8. A cap of $1000 per family.



  • 20 $500 scholarships

  • 20 $250 scholarships

  • Scholarships awarded in order of first with all documents and requirements in place


Time frame of 3 month enrollment.

Please click the Fill Online link below to submit your application.

Use the We Transfer link below to transfer documentation to:

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